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War Zone

I’m starting to think the girls are slowly trying to kill me. It’s like walking into a war zone some days. Holy Moly…I might come home with grey hair. I’m definitely getting prepared to have my own teenagers one day. The honeymoon is definitely over for them. But in so many ways, it’s great because they’re more real with me. Showing emotion and vulnerability. I’m no child psychologist but I think they’re testing me. Trying to see just how much I love them. ¬†They have such messed up childhoods it only makes sense that they would be acting out the way they are.

There will always be chaotic times so I wanted to tell you about the amazing things I’ve seen changing in the girls.

Joba, who is one I teach English to, is radically different then when I first met her over a year ago. I’ll back up and tell you her story…she has 2 sisters in the home, one older, one younger. They came to Alingon 2 years ago. They had an older sister die, their mother died, and they were living with their blind grandmother who made them go out and beg for money around the brothel. When I met Joba last year, anyone could notice right away she wasn’t a normal child. She would barely speak and never laugh. She would smile but never make a sound. She would run away from any affection and could barely function in school. Now…I don’t even know this girl. She isn’t the same kid. She laughs, she jokes, she talks back, she hugs! She has so much joy on her face. She can speak a little English, which makes her so proud. And she loves to read. She was so malnourished till around 7 years old with no education, so to see her growing so much is a high like no other.

Halima, who is 6, is probably one of the funniest kids in the home. Again, I’m no expert, but I think she has some autistic behaviors. But she has grown so much. She was almost impossible in school. But she could very well be the best English speaker one day since she repeats EVERYthing I say. I can’t help but laugh, especially when she put up her middle finger in class and was laughing hysterically. But she’s transforming. She makes eye contact, she’s more engaged, and not only welcomes affection but loves it. Some of these things might seem small but they are big for these girls. They haven’t had many, if any healthy relationships or affection. Halima is hilarious, always laughing, seriously always. Which makes discipline always a joke.

I don’t always know what to do with every new thing that comes up but moving forward with God’s help. Always failing and learning.

If you’ve gotten to this point, thank you for reading.

Lastly, my wifi won’t work on my phone so that means I can’t use it at all here. So no texting for me.





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  1. Lori says:

    Just love these stories of yours. What an experience for you all!
    love and hugs,

  2. Sagar Ghumare says:

    Love reading all the experience!


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