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The last week and a half has been pretty eventful and stressful with one of the teenage girls trying to run away from the home.

I got a call in the morning saying she had thrown some of her stuff over the side of the home from the rooftop but got caught. We spoke alone and after some time she opened up to me, and more and more everyday. She said she was planning on taking a bus to her grandma’s village where her and her oldest sister live. Her oldest sister is maybe 19 and was trafficked to Mumbai but is now back in Bangladesh for some reason. We don’t know what she is doing now but Misty thinks she isn’t a sex worker anymore. And this village is really close to the Banishanta brothel where so many of the girls were born. It would be SO SO dangerous for Misty to live with her grandma so I’m so thankful she got caught.

There is also a boy she likes who she met at a training she did in the spring. I heard about him then and was a little concerned. She said she wasn’t planning on going to his house, YET. Another one of her older sisters, who lived at Alingon, ran away a year ago to live with her boyfriend and his parents. They aren’t legally married since they’re under age but it’s a horrible situation. Her “father in law” won’t let her leave the home, ever! She has to sneak out when he’s at work if she wants to. Misty knows her sisters situation but doesn’t think it would happen to her. A typical teenage mind set I guess.

Having this situation happen has been a good opportunity to deal with bigger issues. The girls need to work through a lot.

My friend Troy is opening a dorm for the girls in the villages that are in the GEP program who are starting college. Hopefully it will happen in the next few months and Misty can live there when it opens. I asked her what she thought about it and she was very excited. I can imagine it would get hard living with 20 girls and many of them being young. (2 new girls around 6 years old came within the last 2 weeks)

Please keep me and the girls in your prayers as we try to work through so much together. It’s a challenging and emotional ministry but I’m really invested in them and can really see them transforming little by little.

Here’s a picture from my birthday last week. The girls threw me an awesome party! My favorite part was when the younger girls sang 2 english songs I taught them. It was the cutest thing ever.


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  1. Lori says:

    Love this photo so much!!! So colorful. They did a great job. I’ll keep you in my prayers as you guide the girls … that you’ll have wisdom in each situation and that your connections with the girls will continue to grow. Love and hugs, Lori

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