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Oh Lice…

A few days ago I did what I’ve been dreading to do since I got here: attempt to take the lice out of all the girls’ hair. I knew it was going to take all day and more and maybe not even be a success but still wanted to try.

I met with a woman who owns Hair Angels in Pasadena where they remove lice. It was my first stop when I went home in June and to my shocking surprise, I didn’t have it! I went back to Hair Angels before heading back here and bought the special lice and egg removing combs from her. She was so generous to give me half off of all of them! She told me how to do it and assured me what a battle it will be. If you miss 1 egg then it wasn’t a success. The girls have had lice for a year now so you can image how much they have! Since they have black hair I can see the eggs everywhere. So when I started my first girl and pulled the comb through her hair…OH MY GOSH LICE.

I took a deep breath and kept going. Every time I put the comb in a bowl of water to rinse it off, the water became full of lice. I put a scarf on my head and prayed I wouldn’t get it. Hours and 5 pounds of sweat later, everyone got done. Thankfully a few older girls were happy to help me with some. 20 girls in 1 day is just not possible. When it comes to doing hair, I can be a perfectionist. Which was needed in this case.

You know how you can get grossed out by things but when you have crazy love for the person it doesn’t bother you as much? I was thinking how when I see a child with snot coming out of their nose I’m grossed out…but if it’s my nieces I don’t even think about it and will wipe it off for them. That’s how it was doing this for them. Not as bad as I imagined. I know I didn’t get all the eggs off of everyone in 1 day, but it’s a start. I loved hearing the girls say “ahhhh” when their heads felt so much better!


2 Responses to “Oh Lice…”

  1. Lori says:

    We see cases at my elementary school, but nothing like this. You are so good to painstakingly do this. The girls must have thought that you’re an angel 🙂 🙂 🙂 Now, Maggie, you’re the expert!!!

  2. Katie W says:

    Glad to hear you had a good start! And this picture is so pretty!!!

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