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Village Sleepover

You know you get a lot of mosquito bites when you think, “oh sweet I only got 7 today.” I’m not sure what the most I’ve gotten in 1 day is but it’s way over 7, especially not sleeping with a mosquito net at the village Tipna.

I’ve been talking about spending the night at Tipna for a while it seems and I finally got the chance and so glad I did.

I arrived before dinner time and sat with all the girls and many other people from the village in the dark with a candle. Taught some english and sang some songs. The electricity went out as it does almost every night here. There are 11 girls from the Girls Education Program in Tipna and the first village I went to in January .

All the girls and I slept in 1 room…so we didn’t sleep. They even sleep with the light on. They woke up bright and early and I woke up to all 11 of them completely still and staring at me. I started cracking up.

When the eating began it never really ended. Because there are 11 girls I know, I had to eat at several houses! 2 houses for dinner, 3 houses for breakfast the next morning, and 3 for lunch. I have never eaten so much in my life. They get really upset if you don’t eat something at their home. The most amazing people but you better eat what they make you.

They were so excited to “dress” me and started right away. Henna, red paint on my feet, flowers in my hair and of course a tip (the dot on the forehead). I always thought a tip meant something, but it’s just a fashion thing. Little did I know they BOUGHT me a sorry and gave it to me at the end of the day. It took 2 people and almost 15 minutes to put it on! It’s a whole lot of material to wear. Pretty, but pretty uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe they did that.

I would have loved to be able to talk to everyone more, maybe one day. There’s something incredibly exhausting with having people speak to you but you don’t know what they’re saying and when you tell them you know little bangla, they still try. It makes me more motivated to study the language.

I’ll never forget going to the outhouse at night and when I shined the flashlight inside, I saw around 15 HUGE cockroaches crawl up the wall. Did I go inside? No way, I went in a bush.

It’s hard to imagine having no bathroom, no running water, very little light if any, and bathing in a pond everyday. How so many people live in the world.

Oh, we saw 2 elephants on the road, it was exciting. They’re bringing a circus to Bangladesh!

P.S. My last post is a video, my family told me they thought it was a picture. 🙂


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  1. Chantel says:


    All your stories are so wonderful to hear. It really sounds like you are having the time of your life!

  2. Stormie says:

    Love it! Love the image of them all watching you while you sleep. Hahahahah.

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