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Monthly Archive for April, 2013

Their Stories…

Last Sunday was New Years in Bangladesh. Everyone typically wears red and white so I wore the saree my friends at Tipna gave me. I headed over to the Alingon Home early and tried doing henna on the girls for the first time. My friend Moon did mine the day before. It’s harder than it […]

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Just another day in Bangladesh

These men are demanding the government to change several things: all women have to be completely covered including the face, women can’t work with men or talk with them outside, only all boy or all girl schools, no NGO’s and missionaries allowed in Bangladesh, to name a few. There were thousands of men protesting.

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Culture Difference

I get asked a lot if I like Bangladesh. It’s a hard thing to answer. Some days I like it, other days I want to rip my scarf off and kick it. I’m always looking for beautiful scenery. Behind my hotel and out in the villages is about the only place. I was trying to […]

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Village Sleepover

You know you get a lot of mosquito bites when you think, “oh sweet I only got 7 today.” I’m not sure what the most I’ve gotten in 1 day is but it’s way over 7, especially not sleeping with a mosquito net at the village Tipna. I’ve been talking about spending the night at […]

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