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Field Trip

Friday, all 77 girls from the education program went on a field trip to tour Khulna University!

Everyone piled on 2 buses and away we went. Khulna University was the first stop. The girls were so excited just to be on a bus. During our drive we went over a big bridge and they were screaming with excitement. It was an awesome moment. We walked all around the school and the rice field surrounding it. (Bangladesh is like 1 giant rice field.) Everyone got hats with the program name on them, the girls looked so cute.

The next stop was a park about 30 minutes away where there was a small lake and a few crocodiles to see. It’s like they had the crocodile trained in the picture I posted, he just sat in that little opening. Crocodiles never move so my interest in them is about 30 seconds long.

The last stop was another park where we had lunch and the girls got their new school books given to them. There were a few people that got there earlier that cooked for us. The only time I eat with my hand is when I’m with these girls, I’m getting better at it and the girls love to watch me and laugh.

It was a very eventful day and very hot, I thought everyone would crash on the ride home…no…we danced and sung at the top of our lungs. I’m so happy to have this time and opportunity to get to know them and spend time with them. These girls are already shaping their villages for a better future.

Abuse is very common in the villages and with some of them their is something in me that says they are a victim. Trafficking is a huge issue as well. I know that finishing school and maybe one day going to college will empower them and I hope they have hope that they can do it. If you’re sponsoring a girl, these are the things your money is going to, it’s really amazing and just the beginning for them.


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