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The past 6 weeks…

Hard to believe at times I’ve been here 6 weeks already, the craziness of Bangladesh feels normal now. I laugh all the time about things. For example, the other day I saw a cow strolling down a main busy street and it wasn’t with any one. Where did it come from? I was laughing and I’m pretty sure my rickshaw driver thought I was a crazy foreigner. And last week when I was with Susan, Sandra, and Molly we went into a shop that sold bracelets, shampoo/cond, cookies and of course….olive oil. But then it got better…we got coffee served to us. Bangladesh is really hard to describe!

February 21 was National Mother Language Day. Everyone from Alingon went early in the morning to a field where thousands of people in the city went to honor everyone that died fighting for their language. A long walk with all the girls but really fun! A big day for Bangladesh!

A few weeks ago, the girls from Alingon who I don’t teach had a sports ceremony/event at their school. I loved seeing their school, I felt like I was in the 40’s looking at their classrooms. Some of them had to dress up and I still don’t know what the reason was! I asked a few times but no one could tell me clearly. But, they looked so adorable with their fake beards and mustaches and couldn’t stop giggling.

Several weeks ago when Troy’s parents were here, his mom Jean wanted to make an American meal for them and something they had to eat with a fork! They eat with their right hand. It was hilarious watching them try to eat it, they didn’t know what to do. But they loved it and also loved all the raw veggies, which are usually cooked here. And they have noodles here called Maggi noodles!

And the picture with me and the cows….well, I asked my friend to take a picture of me with the really cute little brown calf on the right but the mother had a different agenda. She charged towards me and it happened so fast I realized afterwards how stupid that was and I could have gotten seriously hurt. The only picture he took was right at that moment! Zoom into my face, pure terror.

4 Responses to “The past 6 weeks…”

  1. Jeremy Berlin says:

    You are awesome! You are an inspiration to me, and I really look up to you for the choices you have made of stepping out in faith into the uncomfortable and unknown.
    Your a giant in my book.

  2. Michelle Scheidler says:

    Love these pics Maggie! Especially the cow one, I can just imagine you freaking out haha.

  3. Andrea McMenamin says:

    Mags!!! I can just picture you cracking up in a rickshaw by yourself… 🙂
    I love reading about all of your adventures and I know how much of an impact you are having on these girls’ lives. It’s amazing.

    Love you and miss you so much! Keep up the posts & pictures!!

  4. Tifany Clark says:


    What a beautiful world you are giving us a glimpse of, and you are beautiful and full of joy in it. I pray you will continue to seek joy and beauty and that these would be fruits harvested daily. You are making your Father smile :).

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