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It’s been an exciting and eventful week! There’s been so much going on I had a hard time thinking about where to start….

Last Sunday, I met 3 women from Boston that I got connected with through my friend Troy. Sandra, Susan, and Molly started work here in 2011. They are cosmetologist and salon owners in Boston. They trained several girls in 2011 along with other teachers at an orphanage here in Khulna and taught them how to do hair, skin, and nails. Just a few months ago they opened a salon for the girls to work in. There have been many bumps along the way and several girls went on to do other things. They now have 2 girls in the salon. I joined them everyday in the afternoon while they gave the girls more training and promoted the salon. They passed out cards and gave out free services to get people in and the word out. They had so many clients I jumped in and did 3 haircuts, it was awesome!  They had a grand opening on Thursday night which was successful.

The 2 girls working at the salon are very young and have been raised in an orphanage their whole lives so this working thing and being on their own is a huge adjustment. I’m going to help train them a few times a week and stop in often to give them guidance. It’s such an amazing opportunity they have been given by Sandra, Susan and Molly, who made one of the girls the owner. I hope the girls don’t give up and keep working hard and I hope I can continue to motivate them and give them confidence in their skills. It would be good to have someone else in their that has experince, and since I can’t be there all the time, I might be doing some interviewing as well.

It was so great being with them this week and connecting with other people on the needs here. We became instant friends and laughed and cried together all week. I’m so happy to help them with what they started over a year ago. They have put so much work and money into helping young girls here. God put us together this week for a reason. The possibilities are so exciting I can hardly sleep.

On Friday, all the girls from the Alingon Home came to the salon and we gave them haircuts and painted their nails. They have never been to a salon and I don’t think any of them have taken a shower like we do. They bath outside on the roof top of their home and fill a bucket of water. It was so much fun washing their hair! They were so excited. Here are some pictures of our day.

3 Responses to “New friends and adventures”

  1. Jordi says:

    Sounds incredible Mags! Their little faces are priceless in the pictures you posted. I can only imagine how special they were feeling. Can’t wait to hear more about it. Love you!

  2. Katie W says:

    I love these pictures! Jords is right, their faces say it all! Couldn’t be more perfect that you are there 🙂 Love you!!!

  3. Wynn says:

    Hi Maggie,
    I’m so happy for you and and all those you touch with your selfless life.
    You make such a difference to all these precious young girls.

    I’m proud to call you a friend of mine!


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