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Taslima and Fatima

Taslima and Fatima are sisters and the newest girls at Alingon. One month ago when their mother gave them to the Alingon home, shortly after she started regretting her decision and wanted to take them back. She agreed to wait and come back in a month and decide then. Please pray that she wants to keep her girls at the home. They are so happy here and so eager to learn. They have the sweetest spirits and I would be devastated to see them go back to living at the brothels. Taslima is around 6 and Fatima is 5. Their mother comes to the home tomorrow (Wednesday). Please pray her heart is opened to the idea of keeping them at Alingon….

2 Responses to “Taslima and Fatima”

  1. Katie W says:

    Will Do!

  2. maggiesbigbangladesh says:

    I’m so sad to say that Taslima and Fatima’s mother decided to take them back. It was heart breaking to see them go. Being young girls, they of course were happy to see their mother. The back and forth must be so hard on them. I’m praying she changes her mind and thankfully she can always bring them back.

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